Into Oblivion

Episode 2, Part 5

The Downward Spiral – Conclusion

Agent Tanner Daine Walker was trapped. He had followed Dr. Garwood and Cobb (Dr. Pope’s intern/assistant) out onto the spiral jetty in the dark of night with no cover, save the jetty itself. And he was surrounded by the extremely briny water of the Great Salt Lake. Behind him, a silhouette had followed him onto the jetty, sealing him off from the shoreline. He assumed it was Collin Rogers, Garwood’s bodyguard. Back on shore, behind the paleontologist encampment, Agent Singer rifled through Garwood’s briefcase.

Tanner dropped to his belly to avoid detection and crawled on large rough stones to the outside edge of the jetty. It was the only cover available. He kept his head down and waited for a minute or two, before sneaking another peek. By that time, Garwood and Cobb had continued to walk the spiral to an interior ring, but the silhouette 400 feet behind him, held his position near the shoreline. Tanner had to get closer to Garwood to find out what he was up to, so he crawled across the jetty path and down the interior side into the water. As he entered the water, a small stone came loose and rolled into the water with a bloop. Uh oh… Tanner ducked under the surface and a few seconds later, two shots zinged through the water nearby! He stayed under and held his breath as long as he could. Just as he was about to inhale saltwater his rune bracelet gave him a surge of life, allowing him to hold out longer, but Tanner knew it would not last long. No more shots had come. He waited a few more seconds and unlocked the safety on his Beretta, hoping that it would still fire. He stood quickly and tried to acquire Garwood quickly as his eyes stung with the saltwater! Garwood waved a small pistol toward him and yelled for Rogers, “He’s right here! Right here!!!”

Tanner whirled around in chest-deep water. Rogers was fast approaching and taking aim at him while on the run. This was a dangerous customer. Rogers fired first. The shots were on the mark, but the power of Tanner’s bracelet deflected the deadly bullets just enough to avoid harm. Tanner could feel the heat of the shots that should have ended his life – and he immediately returned fire with two quick shots that jolted Rogers and knocked him backwards from the jetty and into the water.

“Eat shrimp” Tanner uttered grimly. (big laughing moment!!, to release a very tense scene…)

When he turned back toward Garwood, he only saw Cobb. Garwood had jumped in the water and was trying to get away. Agent Singer arrived on the scene and the two agents together were able to pulled Garwood out of the water and apprehend him. As they headed back to shore, the white van containing the crate from the museum’s paleontology lab came to life and tore off into the night throwing gravel and briny grit as it sped off. The agents took a couple pot shots but only harmlessly nicked the vehicle.

The agents decided to take everyone back to the city in Dr. Pope’s SUV. They drove for about an hour to reach the northern outskirts of Salt Lake City. On a four-lane divided highway, Singer noticed a dark gray Dodge Magnum speeding up behind them. It came alongside and a man with an sub-machine gun waved for them to pullover. Singer refused and a rolling shootout / car chase ensued! It was vicious, point blank gun play and both vehicles got torn up, before the ambidextrous Agent Singer managed to hit driver with a blast from his old .45 revolver! The enemy car drifted across the oncoming traffic and crashed on the opposite side! The agents drove on. O-West instructed them to go to a safe house in the industrial district to exchange vehicles with the passengers.

The aftermath of this mission was fairly messy, involving the interrogation of Dr. Emerson Garwood, who is legitimately the Assistant Director of the National Science Institute. The contents of Garwood’s briefcase revealed that he maintained a fake identity as well and he also had security credentials with UAC : Union Aerospace Corporation.

Further testing and questioning of Dr. Janet Pope (Wasatch Museum Paleontologist) revealed that she had been drugged with a neuroleptic agent derived from haloperidol and her short-term memory was reprogrammed. A couple days later, Pope and Cobb assisted agents in searching her office and paleontology lab where they turned up a couple photos of their find that is now missing. The photos looked like a gigantic crab – like nothing before documented. Cobb said that they originally thought it was some sort of Pleistocene-era crustacean that must have been perfectly preserved in the salty shoreline.

Back at the office, Mr. E shared some top secret archive photos with the agents. The first photo was a grainy black and white snapshot from Istanbul in 1958. It looked like a couple of blurred spiders charging toward the camera. The second photo was much clearer, from Singapore 2008. It showed a special ops troop in the foreground confronting a huge six-legged spider-looking creature. This seemed to match the remains found by Dr. Pope. Mr. E explained the this creature has been called a “trite” and is classified as one of the extra-dimensional invaders called the Hellborne.

Ultimately Garwood had to be released with a bit of special Oblivion reprogramming himself. O-East would watch him even more closely now.

A bit of research on UAC found that it is a subsidiary of Venvesco International; a corporate umbrella that has been linked to AXIOM activities for years.



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