Into Oblivion

Episode Two: Part Four

When Agent Singer’s ride – the El Camino guy – left the scene, he was not discrete about it. The noise and dust drew attention from the camp at Rozel Point. An SUV charged down the shoreline to investigate. The agents scrambled to hide the company car in a gully and were narrowly missed by the passing vehicle.

Next the agents approached the camp on foot. Zero-Seven (Agent Walker) detected blue tooth devices and attempted to connect, while Zero Four-Two (Singer) stealthed around the tent. Singer heard a discussion between Dr. Pope and her field assistance Cobb about “the find”. Dr. Garwood and Rogers inspected a dig site. Agent Singer opportunistically accessed Garwood’s SUV and stole his briefcase. He broke into it and found some suspicious documents (orders and reports), a hand-full of oral capsules (black & white, and green & yellow), and some ID cards.

Garwood struck up a conversation with Cobb and the two of them walked out onto the spiral jetty. Agent Walker tailed them. At one point, Walker had to dive to the ground to avoid detection. A minute later, Colin Rogers came out onto the jetty, effectively trapping Agent Walker.



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