Into Oblivion

Episode Two: Part Three

(Brief Summary) Zero 42 continued to drill the security staff and remotely assist Zero 7 in his search of the main floor and sublevels. Eventually, Colin Rogers was observed on the premise and he was tracked to the Paleontology Lab where Dr. Garwood was meeting with someone.

Later… Garwood, Rogers, and museum chief paleontologist Janet Pope left the lab with a large container on a cart which was loaded into a white van at the loading docks near the kitchen. Daine (Agent 07) made it to the company car in time and was able to tail the van and Garwood’s SUV out of town. Raven (Agent 042) bribed a ride in a rickety El Camino and eventually met-up with 07 on the shores of the Great Salt Lake near Rozel Point. Dr. Garwood and company’s destination was some sort of camp near the shore line a quarter mile away.



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