Into Oblivion

Episode Two - Part Two

We spent some time discussing damage mechanics and the possibility of increasing firearms damage across the board as a campaign rule. No decision has been made on that point. Also Agent Walker selected 07 as his number. Nice… But he will be referred to as Zero-Seven as opposed to Double-O Seven! The agents also used their first equipment picks. 07 has two picks remaining and 042 has three picks remaining.

Meanwhile, back at the museum…

As Dr. Garwood’s SUV pulled-up in the circle drive, the agents peeled off into the parking lot and Agent 042 exited on a slow roll using parked cars and foliage as cover. He then followed Garwood into the main lobby. Agent 07 meandered through the parking lot and went up into the circle drive, but Colin Rogers and the black SUV were nowhere to be seen. 07 then acquired a University of Utah transportation cap for $5 and parked the “company car” in circle drive.

042 observed as Garwood was escorted deeper into the museum by a security guard. Then 042 posed as a Homeland Security Inspector and began questioning EVERYTHING… (Quote: “Is that erasable ink?” LOL!) and demanded to see the Head of Security immediately, much to the dismay of Misty at the customer service desk! 07 followed suit and presented himself as part of the inspection team and the two agents independently coerced their way into the basement of the museum. We left off with 042 at the interior monitoring station with Security Chief MacMillan and 07 has just arrived via a service elevator and is looking for an underground parking area. Dr. Garwood was also spotted via security cam in the basement. He is headed to the Paleontology Lab in the south hall.



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