Into Oblivion

Episode Two: The Downward Spiral, Part 1

This session began with a discussion of the campaign concept of non-awakened rationalization.

Then we wrapped-up the Gateway Incident with the Agents planting a decog chip and getting picked up by Nighthawk on the roof of Gateway Tower along with the body of the demon-woman. Back at O-West, several staff members were there to congratulate them on their first mission. After a quick debrief with Mr. E. the agents were sent to Ms. Meyers to be “numbered”. Agent Singer is now “Zero-Four-Two” (or 042). Afterward, fellow agents Grant Simms and Phoenix caught up with them in the halls to excitedly discuss the events of the mission. Agents Singer and Walker were also tasked with filing their first O4s (Oblivion Field Observation Reps) which was tied-in with their Red Tape rolls. Then we began the next mission.

Episode Two: The Downward Spiral

Two days later, the agents were summoned to O-West before sunrise. Since the front office was not yet open, they entered Surface Dynamic (the cover business) through the rear access and made their way down to the O-West sublevel, where they were greeted by Mr. E. in the Ops Center. Mr. E took them to his office and gave a mission briefing introducing Dr. Emerson Garwood (Asst. Dir. of Paleontology for the National Science Institute) and Colin Rogers (bodyguard). These two were in Salt Lake City and the agents were assigned to relieve 013 (Agent Gibson) who had watched them overnight.

At the Salt Lake City Center Hilton, 013 had determined that Garwood was in Room 815 and had somehow gotten a copy of the floor master key which he gave to 042, before leaving the mission to them. The new agents had to quickly get in stealth mode as they tailed Dr Garwood’s Honda Pilot through downtown morning traffic and across the University of Utah campus where they saw them park at the Wasatch Museum of Natural History. Looks like routine business for the visiting paleontologist.



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