Into Oblivion

Mission 3: One Takedown Deserves Another

(Minor spoiler alert: This is an adaptation of Starfall Jungle)

A few key changes from module to this campaign:
• Hi-Jinks = unidentified hackers (connected to Axiom)
• Dib-Dob = Dib’s Cantina
• Silver Scarab = SKR III “Scarab-class” spy satellite.
• House of Snow = Casa Los Altos
• Persian Cult of the Owl = The Exmoor Covenant

Also several of the encounters were edited out.

This mission began with Agent Walker meeting with Ms. Ariel Damiani, Regional Executive Officer of Paranormal Ops, O-West. She was a diminutive brunette whose toughness belied her stature. Over the course of a few days, she helped Agent Walker develop a Psychic Path tracking spell. She also sent him to search through musty public library annexes for a antique tome called Zamanin Descinda (Turkish translation “Staring into Darkness” from Arabic wizard Abdul Al Azif). The search was interrupted however when he was recalled to the office and then sent to Laredo for an urgent new mission briefing.

Arriving at a ramshackle cantina he met two new agents, Alicia Jackson and Michelle Ning. They were briefed by Mr E. and Nil himself made his first appearance. They were informed that an SKR-III Scarab-class spy satellite had been compromised. The hack-job was severe enough that the recovery program was corrupted. The chutes deployed early and the satellite was lost in the Guatemalan jungle. Since the area was being jammed by the local drug lord, Don Caliente, they could not pinpoint the unit’s location. They suspected that Caliente would be delighted to claim the satellite as a trophy. The team was instructed to contact “White Raven” and get details on Caliente’s complex, Casa Los Altos. And so the new team was taken to a remote airstrip and they took off for Central America in a modified stealth jet called The Harbinger.

They conducted a successful night drop, parachuting into a clearing on the shore of Lake Peten Itza. In the nearby village, they treated the ailing White Raven overnight and got the info they needed in the morning. Just before departing for the drug lord’s realm, they were joined by another agent from Paranormal Ops, Grace Tomsson; a pacifist water controller. Interesting…

The agents trudged through the jungle in the muggy afternoon hours before getting their first look at Casa Los Altos. It was an intimidating ultra-modern mansion/fortress built into the top of hill and surrounded by an 8-foot wall. The top level was a round observation deck with an antennae array on a shallow domed roof. The lower level was built mostly into the rock of the hill with a couple wings jutting out.

The agents approached very carefully. Agent Jackson was the first to reach the wall. They worked together to time the patrolling guards, before Jackson activated her anti-grav belt to quickly, quietly get over the wall. She and Agent Ning managed to cut the barbed wire on top of the wall and secure a rope to allow the others to climb over. Agent Walker managed to monitor the only open frequency with his comm-link and as the guard shift changed, they started their raid on the Observation deck. Agent Ning was the first in. She took them by surprise and mowed down the control center with her silenced MP5! The team wasted no time getting to the sublevel where they each took a wing in search of Caliente and the SKR-III. They individually encountered several more guards and took them out quickly. Agent Tomsson had a funny altercation with a guard and one of Caliente’s girls in which the unconscious bikini-clad bimbo squeaked as she slid down the glass and slumped over at poolside!

When the team realized that Caliente was escaping in his helicopter, they gathered in the north wing, took out the fortified windows, and opened fire on the chopper as it prepared to liftoff. A guard next to the helipad returned fire with a rocket launcher and missed! The rocket sailed high and flew way off into the jungle! (Critical miss! That was a tense moment that looked like we were about to lose an agent or two!). Just as it appeared that the helicopter would escape, one last burst of gunfire hit the aircraft where it counted! The helicopter rolled over and crashed into the thick canopy just a couple hundred yards to the north!

As the few remaining guards fled the complex, the agents further searched for the SKR-III to no avail. They did manage to find Caliente’s hidden vault – a triangular-shaped room tucked away behind his office. Agent Tomsson did a nice job of cracking the rigged safe, but she still suffered a jolt for her efforts! Among many things they found photographic evidence that he had the satellite in his possession. At one point, they also used one of the drug lord’s SUVs as a battering ram to bust through the door of a subterranean garage. In the process, they crushed Caliente’s Lamborghini inside!

Knowing that they didn’t have time to linger, and being satisfied with the evidence from the vault, they called for the Harbinger. The agents were extracted from Casa Los Altos with the sounds of several dirt bikes approaching up the hill and circling around the crash site. As they flew off, the heroes could only assume that Caliente and the SKR-III both met their demise in the helicopter crash…



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