Into Oblivion

Session 01: The Gateway Incident

Session Summary: We wrapped up character-creation and had about 45 minutes of game time.

New Zeros, Agents Daine Walker and Raven Singer are assigned to O-West, regional headquarters in Provo, UT. After a couple weeks to get settled-in, they are called-in to see Mr. E (Regional Director). Mr. E gave them a quick mission briefing, describing a hostage situation at Gateway Tower in Salt Lake City and sent them on their way. Urgency did not allow for much prep.

They successfully conducted a night-time, low-speed, dead drop (no chutes or glidewings) with the Nighthawk special ops helicopter descending in whisper-mode. Situated safely on the observation deck of the 300 foot skyskraper, Agent Walker lockpicked a service door and they made their way to the atrium floor undetected. However, they are not alone.



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