Into Oblivion

Session 2: Gateway Incident

All action and learning curves

Umby and I covered some SW basics to start this session. Lots of learning curve since we are using a new RPG and learning our way around Fantasy Grounds. I have to figure out how to efficiently use the combat tracker in FG. Here’s a summary of the action:

At the top of Gateway Tower… On the atrium floor and having spotted a lone man in business attire, Agents Singer and Walker stealthed their way through the dimly lit tropical garden. The could hear voices reverberating off the vaulted glass ceiling more the 40 feet above them. Raven threw a rock and distracted the stranger, which allowed him a chance to move a get better look around. Nearing the center of the atrium he could see a raised dias with two Roman columns, each about 20 feet high. Between the columns – three hostages appeared to be bound and gagged on the floor. There appeared to be guards standing watch over them as well. Meanwhile the lone “distracted” man had now begun to probe the area and was getting closer to Daine. Raven crept up behind him and dispatched the man with his bone-handled knife.

Raven went back to the center dias, crept low and slow along the base, and then sprung into action! He slashed the leather holster strap of the “big guard” causing it to drop to the floor and then drove a kick into the other guard that left him clinging to the side of the stone platform. Both guards attacked but he held them off briefly, until the big man (he was wearing a security guard uniform) slammed him to floor. Raven shook it off and regained his feet only to find himself face-to-face with an mesmerizingly disturbing woman calling herself “Danathoth”. She said, “You will join me in the 11th Ward.” Raven resisted mightily but fell to his knees as he slowly submitted to her will.

Meanwhile Daine had activated his protection powers and took aim with his Beretta. A single shot punched through the woman, knocking her backwards from the platform! The mind-control fog began to lift from Raven. The big guard scooped up his gun and engaged in a shootout with Daine, while Raven used his knife to attack the witch-woman (who was back on her feet after being shot in the chest!) and then kicked the big guard (Officer Vincente) off the platform! Meanwhile Daine was sucker-punched by the remaining bad guy.

We’ll pick it up again in the middle of the action!



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