Into Oblivion

The Gateway Incident: Session 3

We picked up in the middle of the action. Agent Singer sprung on the big henchman, Officer Vincente, who fended him off. Meanwhile Agent Walker pistol-whipped one of the mind-controlled minions. Again, the resilient villainess emerged, bleeding from a slash above her luminescent right eye – in fact both eyes were glowing with shadow power. The villainess used a massive surge of telekinetic force to slam Agent Singer into the side of the elevator enclosure. Fortunately, he shook-off the damage and was able to defend himself against Vincente and another minion. Agent Walker managed to kick his minion off of the platform to buy some time and he trained his Beretta 92-O on the witch woman. Agent Singer also pulled his guns, but in a grapple Vicente spoiled his aim, causing a stray round to punch through one of the huge glass ceiling panels! The villainess refocused her telekinetic power and attempted to disarm Agent Singer, but he held on! Then the scene turned into a shootout. Agent Singer was able to take-out both Vincente and a minion. Agent Walker disrupted the villainess with gunfire, until she made a huge shadow-leap to reach a maintenance catwalk on the north wall. Walker (drew a Joker on initiative) made a great double-tap shot that jolted the villainess and toppled her from the catwalk. She fell 25 feet to the atrium floor, where Agent Singer found her face down; dead. He hog-tied the body anyway. They freed the hostages and bound the two remaining minions who have regained their wits and are terrible confused, though they don’t really remember much.

This was fun! Very dramatic action. We started to get a better feel for the flow of things in Savage Worlds. Our agents need to consider their exit strategy and we’ll wrap-up this episode next time. We will likely start Episode 2 in the next session.



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