Tanner Daine Walker

A Fluxcaster assigned to O-West in Provo, he is modeled after Harry Dresden.


Daine’s stats are kept in Fantasy Grounds.

The Rune Bracelet This item was given to him by his mother, who was scholar of the arcane (and certainly a fluxcaster of some note).

At inception, Daine’s rune bracelet encompassed his only two powers, so he doesn’t have any spells yet. The bracelet has its own pool of power points and Daine will use his Fluxcasting skill to recharge the bracelet on occassion. Once points are charged to the bracelet, they cannot be tapped for spells later on. The bracelet is always active as long as it is charged. No casting roll is required to activate its powers. It is designed to protect Daine up-front from lethal or shadow-based attacks, but the power points will drain much faster than spells. In other words, it can provide intense protection for a short period of time. It does not protect from mundane, non-lethal damage.

The bracelet has two defensive powers; armor and boost. Against lethal attacks, the armor feature will increase his Toughness by 1 per power point spent versus a specific attack. Example: Daine is shot and the attack hits for 11 points of damage. Daine’s base Toughness is 6 (including the suit). So the bracelet intercedes with 6 power points to increase his Toughness to 12 for that instant, nullifying the attack.

The boost power works in the same manner versus Shadow-based powers. It will boost the appropriate Trait (usually Spirit or Vigor) to resist the effects of given threat.


Tanner Daine Walker

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