Into Oblivion

Episode Two: Part Four

When Agent Singer’s ride – the El Camino guy – left the scene, he was not discrete about it. The noise and dust drew attention from the camp at Rozel Point. An SUV charged down the shoreline to investigate. The agents scrambled to hide the company car in a gully and were narrowly missed by the passing vehicle.

Next the agents approached the camp on foot. Zero-Seven (Agent Walker) detected blue tooth devices and attempted to connect, while Zero Four-Two (Singer) stealthed around the tent. Singer heard a discussion between Dr. Pope and her field assistance Cobb about “the find”. Dr. Garwood and Rogers inspected a dig site. Agent Singer opportunistically accessed Garwood’s SUV and stole his briefcase. He broke into it and found some suspicious documents (orders and reports), a hand-full of oral capsules (black & white, and green & yellow), and some ID cards.

Garwood struck up a conversation with Cobb and the two of them walked out onto the spiral jetty. Agent Walker tailed them. At one point, Walker had to dive to the ground to avoid detection. A minute later, Colin Rogers came out onto the jetty, effectively trapping Agent Walker.

Episode Two: Part Three

(Brief Summary) Zero 42 continued to drill the security staff and remotely assist Zero 7 in his search of the main floor and sublevels. Eventually, Colin Rogers was observed on the premise and he was tracked to the Paleontology Lab where Dr. Garwood was meeting with someone.

Later… Garwood, Rogers, and museum chief paleontologist Janet Pope left the lab with a large container on a cart which was loaded into a white van at the loading docks near the kitchen. Daine (Agent 07) made it to the company car in time and was able to tail the van and Garwood’s SUV out of town. Raven (Agent 042) bribed a ride in a rickety El Camino and eventually met-up with 07 on the shores of the Great Salt Lake near Rozel Point. Dr. Garwood and company’s destination was some sort of camp near the shore line a quarter mile away.

Episode Two - Part Two

We spent some time discussing damage mechanics and the possibility of increasing firearms damage across the board as a campaign rule. No decision has been made on that point. Also Agent Walker selected 07 as his number. Nice… But he will be referred to as Zero-Seven as opposed to Double-O Seven! The agents also used their first equipment picks. 07 has two picks remaining and 042 has three picks remaining.

Meanwhile, back at the museum…

As Dr. Garwood’s SUV pulled-up in the circle drive, the agents peeled off into the parking lot and Agent 042 exited on a slow roll using parked cars and foliage as cover. He then followed Garwood into the main lobby. Agent 07 meandered through the parking lot and went up into the circle drive, but Colin Rogers and the black SUV were nowhere to be seen. 07 then acquired a University of Utah transportation cap for $5 and parked the “company car” in circle drive.

042 observed as Garwood was escorted deeper into the museum by a security guard. Then 042 posed as a Homeland Security Inspector and began questioning EVERYTHING… (Quote: “Is that erasable ink?” LOL!) and demanded to see the Head of Security immediately, much to the dismay of Misty at the customer service desk! 07 followed suit and presented himself as part of the inspection team and the two agents independently coerced their way into the basement of the museum. We left off with 042 at the interior monitoring station with Security Chief MacMillan and 07 has just arrived via a service elevator and is looking for an underground parking area. Dr. Garwood was also spotted via security cam in the basement. He is headed to the Paleontology Lab in the south hall.

Episode Two: The Downward Spiral, Part 1

This session began with a discussion of the campaign concept of non-awakened rationalization.

Then we wrapped-up the Gateway Incident with the Agents planting a decog chip and getting picked up by Nighthawk on the roof of Gateway Tower along with the body of the demon-woman. Back at O-West, several staff members were there to congratulate them on their first mission. After a quick debrief with Mr. E. the agents were sent to Ms. Meyers to be “numbered”. Agent Singer is now “Zero-Four-Two” (or 042). Afterward, fellow agents Grant Simms and Phoenix caught up with them in the halls to excitedly discuss the events of the mission. Agents Singer and Walker were also tasked with filing their first O4s (Oblivion Field Observation Reps) which was tied-in with their Red Tape rolls. Then we began the next mission.

Episode Two: The Downward Spiral

Two days later, the agents were summoned to O-West before sunrise. Since the front office was not yet open, they entered Surface Dynamic (the cover business) through the rear access and made their way down to the O-West sublevel, where they were greeted by Mr. E. in the Ops Center. Mr. E took them to his office and gave a mission briefing introducing Dr. Emerson Garwood (Asst. Dir. of Paleontology for the National Science Institute) and Colin Rogers (bodyguard). These two were in Salt Lake City and the agents were assigned to relieve 013 (Agent Gibson) who had watched them overnight.

At the Salt Lake City Center Hilton, 013 had determined that Garwood was in Room 815 and had somehow gotten a copy of the floor master key which he gave to 042, before leaving the mission to them. The new agents had to quickly get in stealth mode as they tailed Dr Garwood’s Honda Pilot through downtown morning traffic and across the University of Utah campus where they saw them park at the Wasatch Museum of Natural History. Looks like routine business for the visiting paleontologist.

The Gateway Incident: Session 3

We picked up in the middle of the action. Agent Singer sprung on the big henchman, Officer Vincente, who fended him off. Meanwhile Agent Walker pistol-whipped one of the mind-controlled minions. Again, the resilient villainess emerged, bleeding from a slash above her luminescent right eye – in fact both eyes were glowing with shadow power. The villainess used a massive surge of telekinetic force to slam Agent Singer into the side of the elevator enclosure. Fortunately, he shook-off the damage and was able to defend himself against Vincente and another minion. Agent Walker managed to kick his minion off of the platform to buy some time and he trained his Beretta 92-O on the witch woman. Agent Singer also pulled his guns, but in a grapple Vicente spoiled his aim, causing a stray round to punch through one of the huge glass ceiling panels! The villainess refocused her telekinetic power and attempted to disarm Agent Singer, but he held on! Then the scene turned into a shootout. Agent Singer was able to take-out both Vincente and a minion. Agent Walker disrupted the villainess with gunfire, until she made a huge shadow-leap to reach a maintenance catwalk on the north wall. Walker (drew a Joker on initiative) made a great double-tap shot that jolted the villainess and toppled her from the catwalk. She fell 25 feet to the atrium floor, where Agent Singer found her face down; dead. He hog-tied the body anyway. They freed the hostages and bound the two remaining minions who have regained their wits and are terrible confused, though they don’t really remember much.

This was fun! Very dramatic action. We started to get a better feel for the flow of things in Savage Worlds. Our agents need to consider their exit strategy and we’ll wrap-up this episode next time. We will likely start Episode 2 in the next session.

Session 2: Gateway Incident
All action and learning curves

Umby and I covered some SW basics to start this session. Lots of learning curve since we are using a new RPG and learning our way around Fantasy Grounds. I have to figure out how to efficiently use the combat tracker in FG. Here’s a summary of the action:

At the top of Gateway Tower… On the atrium floor and having spotted a lone man in business attire, Agents Singer and Walker stealthed their way through the dimly lit tropical garden. The could hear voices reverberating off the vaulted glass ceiling more the 40 feet above them. Raven threw a rock and distracted the stranger, which allowed him a chance to move a get better look around. Nearing the center of the atrium he could see a raised dias with two Roman columns, each about 20 feet high. Between the columns – three hostages appeared to be bound and gagged on the floor. There appeared to be guards standing watch over them as well. Meanwhile the lone “distracted” man had now begun to probe the area and was getting closer to Daine. Raven crept up behind him and dispatched the man with his bone-handled knife.

Raven went back to the center dias, crept low and slow along the base, and then sprung into action! He slashed the leather holster strap of the “big guard” causing it to drop to the floor and then drove a kick into the other guard that left him clinging to the side of the stone platform. Both guards attacked but he held them off briefly, until the big man (he was wearing a security guard uniform) slammed him to floor. Raven shook it off and regained his feet only to find himself face-to-face with an mesmerizingly disturbing woman calling herself “Danathoth”. She said, “You will join me in the 11th Ward.” Raven resisted mightily but fell to his knees as he slowly submitted to her will.

Meanwhile Daine had activated his protection powers and took aim with his Beretta. A single shot punched through the woman, knocking her backwards from the platform! The mind-control fog began to lift from Raven. The big guard scooped up his gun and engaged in a shootout with Daine, while Raven used his knife to attack the witch-woman (who was back on her feet after being shot in the chest!) and then kicked the big guard (Officer Vincente) off the platform! Meanwhile Daine was sucker-punched by the remaining bad guy.

We’ll pick it up again in the middle of the action!

Session 01: The Gateway Incident

Session Summary: We wrapped up character-creation and had about 45 minutes of game time.

New Zeros, Agents Daine Walker and Raven Singer are assigned to O-West, regional headquarters in Provo, UT. After a couple weeks to get settled-in, they are called-in to see Mr. E (Regional Director). Mr. E gave them a quick mission briefing, describing a hostage situation at Gateway Tower in Salt Lake City and sent them on their way. Urgency did not allow for much prep.

They successfully conducted a night-time, low-speed, dead drop (no chutes or glidewings) with the Nighthawk special ops helicopter descending in whisper-mode. Situated safely on the observation deck of the 300 foot skyskraper, Agent Walker lockpicked a service door and they made their way to the atrium floor undetected. However, they are not alone.

All Systems Go!
Fantasy Grounds Testing Complete

With players located in Illinois, Indiana, and Texas, we have been testing various apps to conduct the game online. Skype is preferred for voice communication. And since I like pulpy action, I selected Savage Worlds as the base RPG system, which fortunately has a commercial package for Fantasy Grounds virtual desktop software. Over the course of January, we tested it out and worked-up character concepts.

Looks like we’re ready to do this!


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