Into Oblivion is a modern espionage/heroic horror campaign based on Reality Blurs’ Agents of Oblivion campaign setting. This particular setting also incorporates ideas from fan-made material such as “Shadowflux” and “Extreme” (see

Players are operatives in a super-secret agency called “Oblivion” which deals with specialized highly classified missions, including supernatural and alien threats worldwide. While the setting is based in the modern world, it is a world that is very different from our own; a world in which enemies – both human and inhuman – lurk in the darkness and paranormal phenomenon can be tangible and deadly.

Check the Wiki tab for information about character creation and setting rules. Most of the character and story specifics will be kept in Fantasy Grounds, but feel free to post character information on this site if you like. I plan to maintain the Adventure Log.

Into Oblivion

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